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Natural Rhythm Holistic Therapies

Embodied Wellbeing

Welcome to Natural Rhythm Holistic Therapies located on the Mid North Coast of NSW. At Natural Rhythm we weave sacred ancient well being practice and philosophy within a modern context to assist in healing and uplifting our communities. We are inspired by the natural world surrounding us and believe that finding harmony within ourselves and our world is the key to healing and maximizing our deepest potential.

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Our Approach

At Natural Rhythm we see the human as an integral part of a naturally occurring whole. We believe that by listening to the cycles of life surrounding us, we can learn to attune to their rhythms and align with the ever-changing natural world.

We believe that all disease stems from disharmony, both within ourselves and with the external world. We treat individuals based on their alignment within their own microcosm - seeing the body and mind as interdependent functions - and working to integrate that into a healthy part of the macrocosm - the natural world and interpersonal relationships.

We use health-based approaches starting from the body to support the wellbeing of the mind, as well as traditional mind-based mental health approaches to better understand ourselves and the impact our environments have on our mental functions.

We look at the naturally occurring rhythms within - activity level, digestion, immune function, endocrine system - and within the mind - thought patterns, core values, and personal traumas - and assist the implementation of a more aligned lifestyle through embodied methods.

Our approach is based in ecopsychology, traditional wisdom, and yogic science.

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Grassy Head Rd. Way Way NSW 2447


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