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Living with Joy - By my master Adam Bornstein

The combination of self-effort and receptivity to deep states of awareness is an excellent formula for success in yoga practise. And just what is success in yoga? There are many angles to this question. We could say that success is when the practises pierce through the armour, the mask, the facade of separation and guide us into our Self. Yoga teachings state , “Tat twam asi” -Thou art That. We are already at our destination! The challenge that we face is to wipe clean the fog blinding our clear knowingness. That is where yoga steps in; the techniques and the purifying energy promoted by the practise awaken us to what already is. I invite you to consider the depth of this truth. If we practise yoga asanas, powerful breathing practises, and sit in meditation focusing only on the techniques, we may get a taste of inner peace, strength, and stillness. But, if we add the essential ingredients of receptivity, devotion, and opening to the great Mystery we will be ushered into a new way of being; a sense of living fully; an experience of awe and beauty; of realising our unity in Spirit. Life is change – the externals seem to shape-shift and rollercoaster in endless cycles. If we can tune into that aspect of our self that is stable and unchanging, the Self, then the ever-changing circumstances will no longer have the power to undermine our good intentions. Asana, pranayama, and meditation are the foundations of yoga practise. They fit together perfectly. All three teach us to be restful in the centre of all extremes; to become receptive and contact that seed of completeness within, and surrender to its inherent joy. To truly grow into our full potential we need to embrace a disciplined practise of yoga. Our old habits and perceptions have built up alot of momentum and influence over many years of living. It may take directing our attention and energy in a new way for a sustained amount of time to actualise the clarity we are seeking. At the same time each and every moment contains the full truth of who we are in the highest sense. Be mindful of this as you go about your day: see the web of interconnectiveness within every breath, thought, and action. Do your best, then offer everything back into the great Essence of Life. In your daily life, in your yoga, always take the time to reflect on your joy.

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