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What is Radiant Light Yoga?

What is the system we call “Radiant Light Yoga”? What makes it unique? Here are some of the key principals of Radiant Light Yoga: 1) We focus on the heart, on teaching with compassion, on helping others to open the heart and feel that quality within the practice. The journey begins with an attitude of self- acceptance and moves progressively into deeper levels of self-understanding. An atmosphere of trust and caring is a primary focus of Radiant Light Yoga. 2) Awareness of energy: Emphasizing a growing awareness of the movement of energy generated by the practice, primarily through asana, pranayama, relaxation, and meditation. Also, helping students to learn how to direct the awakened prana for self- healing, and for self – mastery. 3) Modifying the pose to the person, rather than the person to the pose. Helping each individual to find the safest and most effective way to practice, with compassion and without judgment. 4) Teaching asana with proper alignment and safety precautions. This will enhance the benefits and increase self-knowledge. 5) Living a yogic lifestyle, consistently applying the yamas and niyamas to our thoughts, our energy, and our actions for the highest good of all beings. 6) Using adjustments as a healing art, with the consciousness of transmitting healing energy. 7) Emphasis is placed on smooth transitions as we move from pose to pose, and as we enter, hold, and release each asana. Smooth transitions transform an asana session into a journey into Spirit. In this way we remain completely present throughout the entire practise: it becomes moving meditation. 8) The edge: We practise with enough intensity to keep the mind completely present and awake while listening to the body’s internal wisdom in order to sustain a practise which is self-nurturing. The edge is the balance between self-effort and surrender. 9) Holding the sacredness and respect for the ancient teachers and teachings of yoga, and for the power that flows through the practice. Creating a sacred vibration in every class we teach.

10) Expanding the love and respect of our yoga practice to include and embrace all of nature. Caring for the earth by living as simply as possible in harmony with nature. This way of life acknowledges the interconnectedness of all of creation. It recognizes that in order to truly honour the Self, the earth and all her inhabitants must equally be honoured and cared for.

This article has been written by Adam and Maaji and you can find more info here:

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